Diverse and social enterprises in the supply chain

Procurement and supply professionals analyse the current state of diversity in supply chain management and examine the ways in which diversity can be integrated into procurement.

For companies large and small, diversity within the supply chain is essential to ensuring a robust, efficient and sustainable procurement process. Experts from InterContinental Hotels Group, Co-Op, Lufthansa, Avetta, Nationwide Building Society and MSDUK discuss the value of a diversity strategy in supply and procurement. 

Companies are implementing diverse supply chain strategies

● Why is it important to procure from diverse or social businesses?

● How can we ensure wider buy-in and support for diversity in procurement?

● What does the future look like for supply chain diversity?


Helen Cooper

VP procurement excellence & corporate services, InterContinental Hotels Group

Claire Costello

Chief procurement officer, Co-op

Raphael Fadiora-Johnson

Regional manager, Avetta

Angela Qu

Senior vice president and CPO, Lufthansa Group

Imran Rasul

CPO, Nationwide Building Society

Mayank Shah

Founder and CEO, MSDUK