Crafting the best customer experience

Marketers need to balance data and insights to deliver the best consumer engagement strategies. How can data inform this process without overwhelming creativity and experience?

This roundtable, promoted by Cheetah Digital, and featuring marketing experts from AB InBev, Anthropologie, Cheetah Digital and Dixons Carphone, examined the balance between data, creativity, analysis and understanding when creating excellent customer experience strategies.

Customer insights and personalisation strategies

  • Building relationships with customers to create a virtuous circle of understanding and deeper personalisation.
  • Using insights from a range of sources to design great experiences.
  • What does customer value mean, beyond the exchange of goods and services?

Creative marketing yields excellent results

  • Are marketers forced to focus too much on granularity at the expense of long-term brand-building?
  • How vital is the contribution of experience and judgement?
  • Does having a ‘feel’ for the customer help marketers take a more holistic approach to customer needs and experience?

Data, targeting and analysis

  • The valuable sources of customer information and insight.
  • Opportunities for marketers exist in analysing customer data effectively.
  • What skills to marketers need to use data well?


Hugh Cullman

Director of connections & draftLine, AB InBev

Richard Jones

Chief marketing officer, Cheetah Digital

Dan Rubel

Brand & marketing director, Dixons Carphone

Rob Worthington

Customer director, Anthropologie