Advancing ESG strategies through supply chains

Knowledge sharing, listening to consumer demands and investing in technology will all drive transparency and ethical practices, but there is much work to do

In our roundtable, sponsored by Avetta, experts from Harrods, the Midcounties Co-operative Ltd and Princes Group examined the challenges facing supply chain officers. Understanding the potential risks within the supply chain, and then implementing more sustainable and ethical practices is difficult, but progress is possible, as our speakers have demonstrated.

Challenges posed by the pandemic

  • Delivering greater transparency 
  • Ethical businesses leading the way
  • Focusing on ‘social’ objectives

Increasing engagement across supply chains

  • Supplier evaluation strategies
  • Inspiring collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability

Building stronger supply chains

  • What do consumers want? 
  • Will regulation help or hinder supply chain sustainability?


Simon Finch

Supply chain director, Harrods

Mike Ford

Global lead environmental health and safety and sustainability, Avetta

Aileen Wilkins

Head of procurement, The Midcounties Co-operative Ltd

Paul Williams

Group head of ethical trading and human rights, Princes Group