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Content marketing was ranked as the marketing activity to make the most commercial impact in 2018. With forty per cent of total budget being spent on content marketing by the most successful B2B marketers, now is the time to ensure yours is well ahead of the curve.

Most brands are losing the content battle: as few as 5 per cent of all content marketing gets ninety per cent of all engagement. Raconteur Agency can position your brand to be among that top percentile.

Content creation services for forward‐thinking B2B brands

Raconteur Agency appeals to those with an appetite for premium content. It provides valuable insights to company executives in a wide range of sectors with the authority to change the thinking of industry leaders.

Our experts have the knowledge to create content that speaks with clarity and authority on absolutely any B2B topic. All of our work is incisive and beautifully designed – whether it’s for video, print or digital media.

Our experienced team of content creators, publishers, and in‐house subject matter experts produce spectacular articles, films, microsites, research‐led reports and more. Our content creation services have been utilised by some of the world’s most forward‐thinking B2B brands.

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