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Future of Talent Management

Mar, 2019

As the modern workforce shifts and evolves, so does the way we manage current and future talent. The Future of Talent Management special report, published in The Times, explores the qualities needed by business leaders, particularly as a new generation of millennial managers rise up the ladder. It covers how traditional views of “performance” are impacting employee mental health, the inadequacies of “cultural fit” (with particular reference to black tech workers in Silicon Valley) and whether algorithms hold the secret to hiring the perfect candidate. Also featured is an infographic on the reasons why businesses must prioritise employee engagement in order to thrive


Just 15 per cent of the global workforce is said to be engaged in their jobs, according to Gallup, with a staggering 67 per cent not engaged and 18 per cent actively disengaged. These alarming statistics show that a lot can be done to improve the lives of workers worldwide, and tipping the scales could be a major boost to company performance and competitive advantage