Young drivers in Formula 1

Young drivers in F1

The varied routes for young drivers to a Formula 1 team place are a hot talking point within the sport as some ‘buy’ their place in the cockpit, as Katie Grimmett and Christian Sylt report

IT skills in Britain’s youth

Demand for big data skills are booming, with an estimated 69,000 new recruits needed by the sector over the next five years. But young people risk missing out on job opportunities unless the education and training system can react to plug the gap, warns Karen Price, chief executive of the Tech Partnership

‘My feeling of isolation’

George Pepper was 22 when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In the first 15 months after diagnosis, he experienced seven relapses and needed the support of his peers – so George created the social network to enable young people with MS to connect

Inspiring young female entrepreneurs

It’s time to identify a new set of role models for young women and girls starting out in business

Going viral spreads right message

Social media is a powerful tool which can be put to work reaching young audiences with a positive HIV message, writes Stephen Armstrong

Pressure to look younger lifts skincare market

There is a natural synergy between skin-rejuvenating dermatology and anti-ageing skincare, writes Vicky Eldridge

Spotting why acne is spreading to later life

Nutritionist, GP and health writer Dr Sarah Brewer explores why adult acne is on the rise

What you eat can help keep skin young and healthy

Christian Coates explores the links between dermatology, skin health and diet