Leaders must keep workers engaged, not just keep them

Whatever the job market, enlightened employers will want to retain top talent and develop their skillsets

What does it mean to “unretire”?

Businesses should adapt and tap the experienced talent pool of older people who are increasingly working past retirement age

Manufacturing jobs: “new collar” replaces blue collar

Politicians are getting fired up about manufacturing as economic nationalism is on the rise, but how well do they understand blue collar jobs?

A glimpse of the future of human resources

co-working space

Fasten your seatbelts, the future is coming and it represents both risk and opportunity for those in human resources

Taking mental health seriously is good for workers and business

Man in suit walking up stairs

Poor mental health not only brings anguish to individuals in the workforce, it costs UK business dear

Should social media be allowed at work?

Retail professional on their phone at work

People cannot work productively without taking breaks, but should social media be allowed as a potential distraction?

5 ways AI personal assistants will change work

Personal assistants at work

Already they are beginning to take the drudgery out of office admin – now virtual personal assistants are set to get even smarter