‘Don’t let barriers block wind farms and windfalls’

The UK’s wind industry is growing in strength, but steady progress cannot be taken for granted, writes Tim Probert

Offshore wind is energy of future

From its position as a world leader in offshore wind power, the UK has the potential to become a global centre of expertise, according to Maria McCaffery, chief executive of RenewableUK

Keeping lights on and energy green

Government reform of the electricity market has been broadly welcomed, writes Mike Scott, but there are fears that the pace of change is too slow

Home-grown green power

With supplies of traditional fuels starting to run out, offshore wind can help improve Europe’s energy security, writes Flemmich Webb

Generating jobs and exports

Concerns about costs and fears of a potential skills shortage are combining to create uncertainty around the impact of the offshore wind sector on the UK economy, writes Felicia Jackson

Does wind of change blow fair?

Policymakers and opinion formers in the energy sector agree Europe faces tough choices to meet the challenges of climate change, rising prices at a time of austerity and geopolitical instability. Here five leading supporters of offshore wind power assess prospects

UK ‘leading the world’

Energy Minister Charles Hendry talks to Ben Blackwell about the challenges and opportunities being created by the UK’s offshore wind sector, and what the Government is doing to help its growth

Bigger, better, stronger turbines

As the industry scales up, turbines will get bigger, more efficient and further out to sea in deeper water, writes Tim Probert