The transformative power of corporate financial wellness

As traditional working patterns evolve and attitudes to saving change, corporate financial wellness has never been more important

Why bother with a corporate wellness programme?

The wellbeing of staff is a win-win for employees and employers as the spotlight focuses on mental health in the workplace and its impact on the bottom line

A smile a day helps keep the doctor away

Being happy and optimistic can help reduce the risk of heart problems, researchers have confirmed

Why ‘wellness’ is not always a healthy choice

wellness illustration

Instead of helping a healthy lifestyle, wellness may be misunderstood and could be turning toxic

Switching off in an “always-on” culture

Enlightened employers are ensuring staff can switch off from the “always-on” internet culture to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Biometric tech fighting stress in age of anxiety

Health monitoring apps

If high-tech living stresses you out, there could be an app to help calm you down – perhaps a not-so-gentle irony that the thing which pains you could also cure you

How to look good and feel great

Person meditating

Beauty at face value is being challenged by an holistic approach to feeling beautiful through achieving overall wellness

Brands should show the ethical face of beauty

Model getting hair done at fashion show

Growth in consumer consciousness concerning ethical and sustainable issues in the beauty industry is driving a socially responsible response