Tech developments saving more lives

Researchers are using technological advances to develop life-saving medical devices and procedures

Technological innovations open patients’ eyes

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, new technologies are revolutionising eyecare and transforming the lives of those suffering with sight loss

Health meets wealth: tech giants break into healthcare

Technology has the potential to speed up critical diagnoses and enable large-scale analysis of patient data, saving lives and improving outcomes

Can technology get you pregnant?

Daysy app on iPhone

Smart technology, including apps and wearable devices, can now aid women to monitor their fertility

Digital healthcare puts patients in control of their health

Pregnant woman on video consultation with doctor

Development of digital technology is helping to deliver personalised treatments which involve patients in their healthcare

Microchip implants: would you like this chip in your vein or your brain?

microchip on finger

There is plenty of potential for microchip implants to improve our lives, but how does this compare to the questions and complications around the controversial idea?

Don’t let your IoT project be another connected flip flop

Flip flops holiday photo

From 'smart' flip flops to connected vending machines, IoT projects without a clear business application could open the gates to hackers and provide little value

Wearable Technology: Safeguards will help boost sales

Apple Watch heart-tracking launch

Wearable technology has the potential to monitor medical conditions, but fears have been raised that not all devices are accurate or reliable