Has Libra changed the crypto outlook?

Libra and crypto

Despite crypto volatility and the controversy around Facebook’s Libra, digital coins are increasingly on the radar of wealth managers

How to choose a wealth manager

Pick a wealth manager

With the rise of digital investment solutions, knowing how to choose the right wealth manager for you can be a confusing and uncertain process

What an equity exodus means for wealth managers

Equity exodus

High-net-worth individuals are shunning equities, traditionally a lucrative part of the market for many wealth managers. So what impact will this have on the industry?

Four top uses of technology in wealth management

‘We are witnessing an evolution in the application, flexibility and deployment of technology in wealth management’

Millennials: the faces of future investment

Wealth management is changing with the advent of artificial intelligence and a new generation of investors

Winning back trust is the first step

Lost confidence following the financial crash must be regained by wealth managers in trust built on greater understanding of clients’ needs, writes Liz Malein

Don’t do it all by yourself

Managing your own investment portfolio may be a false economy, as Tristan Blythe explains