Can tech really democratise investing?

Robo-advisory services are enabling investors with varying levels of capital to access financial advice, but a level playing field remains elusive

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Millennials: the faces of future investment

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As wealth is passed between generations, advisers must adapt to their new target group and adopt the right technology

Traditional wealth management challenged by robo-adviser boom

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Robo-advisers are lying in wait to pick off clients from traditional wealth management firms which must modernise or face an uncertain future in a data-driven world

Tax – Is the UK avoiding the real issue?

Public figures such as comedian Jimmy Carr have come under public scrutiny over their use of controversial, but legal, tax-avoidance schemes

With growing inequality, tax avoidance and evasion is a hot issue which the government has yet to fully address

Investors need nerves of steel – and an open mind in 2017

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The outlook for UK private investors remains positive, although returns may not reach the unexpected heights of 2016 amid the uncertainties of Brexit and Trump

Are chatbots the future of wealth management?

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Wealth management of the future will be a balance of technology, improving and personalising advice, and the human contact necessary for decision-making around major life events