Calling on water-intensive industries to do more

Water-intensive sectors, such as those in manufacturing and production, are under more pressure than ever to take greater responsibility for their water consumption

Water under threat: new technology is the answer

Emerging technologies have the potential to supply previously unobtainable data and provide solutions to global water shortages

Supporting the human right to water

As shortages worsen, safe drinking water and affordable sanitation is recognised by the United Nations as a human right

Managing water: the world’s most valuable asset

Young girl filling a pot from a water hand pump in Lahore, Pakistan

Successful management of water depends on people around the world realising what a precious and limited resource it is

Water shortage is the number-one world risk

Today’s warning of water shortages could easily become tomorrow’s crisis – ignore it at your peril, says Dominic Waughray at the World Economic Forum

Water wars could engulf the poorest

child drinks for water tap

Conflict and political confrontation threaten to drown the call for co-operation in managing the world’s limited water supplies