What are dark patterns and how are they tricking me?

Dark patterns

Consumers are still largely responsible for protecting themselves against deceptive methods designed to make them part with more money or data online

Cryptos must improve user experience to compete

user experience on online cryptocurrency trading platforms

Cryptocurrency companies need to improve security, but not at the expense of equally important user experience

Simple website UX is more likely to get shoppers’ clicks

Monitor showing website design

In an age of increasing mobile retail, less can be more when designing an effective website suitable for a smartphone screen

User experience is key to app success

How to measure the success of an app and fine-tune software are crucial for businesses operating in a highly competitive space

Mobile payments - still a work in progress

Retailers may be keen to advance towards a cashless society, but while mobile payments systems are disjointed, there is resistance from consumers

How to monetise online

If you’re running a business at any level, the topic of monetising online is like house prices mated with steroids to produce a giant overfriendly topic monster. But what new opportunities does digital bring for increasing your bottom-line sales?Stephen Armstrong has a brief guide to help sedate the monetising monster

Mobile is all about user experience

Why an effective mobile strategy starts with understanding user needs first