The potential for AI in market research

Automating insight generation is not only saving market research professionals time and money, it offers the opportunity to find patterns in data at a scale never before possible

Understanding the science of decision-making

Exploring why we behave the way we do can unlock key customer insights for brands and have a significant impact on the bottom line

AI weaves value from unstructured data

Artificial intelligence is delivering benefits in the arena of unstructured data, helping companies to decipher insights and extract value from reams of unorganised information

How CDOs can unlock the value of unstructured data

unstructured data Loops of light against night sky

Some data can be hard to penetrate, but may hold valuable information that can be used to drive business growth

Using the internet of things

Many people broadly understand the concept of the internet of things and the premise of disparate devices talking to each other, yet they often struggle to see how this will immediately relate to their own business

Ushering in third way of analytics

Professor Thomas H. Davenport describes a new, third phase of analytics which combines big and small, structured and unstructured data from multiple sources