Is fashion manufacturing coming home?

Rapid globalisation and complex supply chains mean brands have hitherto largely relied on production overseas, where labour is often cheaper and economies of scale have enabled strong expansion. But in light of Brexit and its potential impact on global trade and workforces, the reindustrialisation of Britain, for the textiles industry at least, could prove attractive to many domestic brands

The big challenges facing UK retailers in 2019

‘CEOs need to invest more in shops, but our broken business rates system means they are punished for doing so’

UK positioned to become world leaders in AI

Greg Clark, government minister for artificial intelligence strategy, says the UK can claim a multi-billion-pound economic prize as world leaders in AI

How Islamic finance could plug the UK investment gap

Set to take off in the UK, Islamic finance could fund major infrastructure projects and even be boosted by Brexit

The role of private investment in saving Britain’s infrastructure


Political division over how to finance badly needed new infrastructure in the UK should not get in the way of progress

Digital governance slipping from Prime Minister’s priorities

Whitehall road sign

Government commitment to digital services must not be distracted by events, notably Brexit, if the public sector is to reap the benefits of technology

Bringing customer service back to the UK


UK companies that have reshored their call centres are adding value by raising standards of customer service with a British workforce

UK’s dash for growth fails to deliver

As the UK teeters on the brink of a new recession, new research shows that since the financial crisis, the country has been poor at translating economic growth into opportunity and prosperity.