Why you must take reputational risk seriously

As clients and consumers become more aware of social and corporate injustice, damage to company reputation, which could sink a business in an instant, is rising up the boardroom agenda

Using tech to improve service, not just cut costs

‘Innovative technology can be revolutionary but we need to think hard about its use’

Does your company need a specialist technology lawyer?

In-house technology lawyers have a pivotal role to play in the development and marketing of innovative tech products

How car-sharing services transformed manufacturing

Servitisation and the sharing economy are shaping the future of the car industry as easy access looks more attractive than ownership

Flying taxis help business travellers escape the gridlock

Terrafugia flying taxi car in front of blurred city scape

A number of innovative small business aircraft are on the drawing board, but the future of these projects depends on investors and their propensity for risk

Successful AI needs smart people behind it

black uber branded car in queue of cars with blue sky

Reality and expectation can differ such is the hype and public perception of artificial intelligence as perfection

Fly by drone to beat traffic jams

German drone manufacturer e-volo flew the first manned certified multicopter, the Volocopter VC200, in March last year

Governments, safety regulators, air traffic authorities and technology breakthroughs will determine the global trajectory of flying taxis as the take-off of the first air cab service approaches this summer

Uber stuck in regulatory pile-up

Ride-sharing company Uber has begun to hit snag after snag in its global expansion, with potentially lucrative Asian markets closing ranks against the service