Are these treatments the future of pain management?

Searching for new ways to help people manage chronic pain has become the Holy Grail for the pharmaceutical industry

Tailor made to suit your skin

Your skin, your formula – a bespoke serum can now treat skin conditions and minimise side effects

Switch your skin back on

Is your skin looking dull, tired and losing its bounce? It might just need a wake-up call

Elusive HIV vaccine could be within reach

The quest for a wonder vaccine to protect against HIV/Aids is moving into an exciting stage of development

Tailor-made treatments offer new hope

Tailor-made treatments offer new hope

Personalised cancer medicine, based on identifying biomarkers to target treatment, is an attractive aim which promises new hope for patients

Helping patients to heal themselves

Helping patients to heal themselves

It is a new class of cancer treatments which has the medical world fizzing with excitement and hope that cancer can be transformed from a death sentence to a chronic condition

History of cancer treatment

radiation technology for treating cancer

The history of cancer reveals a slow and painful progression towards modern treatments which at last seem to be gathering momentum

Measuring patient experience in UK

Measuring patient experience in UK

How well does the UK diagnose and treat cancer – and is there a postcode lottery with regional variations in the quality of care?