Striving to do the right thing

Facial and fingerprint biometrics are likely to lead the way, but iris, voice and multi-modal technologies are expected to grow rapidly, says Isabelle Moeller, chief executive of the Biometrics Institute

Flying in the face of turbulence

Frequent flyer programmes can rake in sky-high rewards, but just who is profiting? Annich McIntosh reports

Fighting back and returning to work

People living with HIV may find themselves out of work and with few prospects of getting a job, writes Rowenna Davis

Meeting of minds will cut costs

For many large companies, event management is not about staging glamorous gatherings, high-profile product launches or exotic incentive trips, but more frequent staff and client meetings that communicate vital information, writes Abigail Wills

Events are dead… long live events

Rory Sutherland argues that innovations, such as telepresence and videoconferencing, will increase – rather than decrease – the appetite for live events

Olympic ‘halo’ set to get tills ringing

The success of the London 2012 Olympics is a springboard for the UK’s business events industry, writes Virginia Matthews

A picture can say more than words

The barriers to using videoconferencing, which despite clear advantages is only slowly taking off, are more cultural than technical, writes Danny Bradbury

Taking care at home and away

Even though more than 80 per cent of us fear losing our sight more than any other of the senses, 20 per cent have not had an eye examination in five years. But, in addition to eye tests, there are daily precautions we can take to protect our eyes and keep them fit and healthy, as Yvonne Gordon discovers