Business case for private jets

Liz Taylor

The idea of travelling by private jet can ring up dollar signs, but there are savings to made, especially in the use of a busy executive’s time

Can business class create a new golden age?

When business class was a classy business

At the dawn of the jet age, business travel was the preserve of high-flying executives – but just how glamorous was it and are airlines flying back to the future with retro style?

More options for business travellers

EasyJet Business flgihts adverts

Travelling for businessmen and women used to mean business class on a major national carrier, but now there are other options

City to city


Thanks to London City Airport’s unique location, its Jet Centre '90-second proposition' proves a winner for the private jet passenger

Flying to the heart of London


CityJet, the independent European regional airline, has ambitious plans for the future as it focuses on upgrading routes and aircraft

Best of both worlds


Unlike some charter companies, the latest technology isn’t replacing personal service at Air Charter Service – it’s complementing it

Take a trip stateside

New York City

Visitors to America’s great cities are spoilt for choice, but Billie Cohen has an itinerary beyond the usual suspects

The timeless sex appeal of Paris

Author and long-time resident of Paris Stephen Clarke offers his take on a much-loved city for lovers