Business aviation is ready for take-off

Business aviation is ready for take-off

The business aviation industry is emerging from the economic turbulence of the recession with new flyers, new business models and new technology

Regional airports are key to UK economy

Contribution of regional airports to UK economy

Civil aviation is usually perceived in terms of commercial flights and an endless debate about expanding London’s Heathrow or Gatwick, but this ignores the enormous economic contribution of smaller, regional airports

Hub airports become economic dynamos

Airport Hubs

Hub airports are no longer simply places to pick up a connecting flight – they are set to become global economic drivers

Flight paths on track as private sector levels off

Flight paths on track as private sector levels off

The private aviation sector has responded to the global economic downturn with innovative ways of keeping jets in the air

Connecting business and opportunities in Europe

Fabio Gamba

Innovative and entrepreneurial strategies that facilitate dynamism within the business aviation industry will deliver economic opportunities, says Fabio Gamba, chief executive, European Business Aviation Association

Flying at the height of luxury

Etihad airways first class

Major airlines compete for first-class fares with increasingly luxurious seating, beds, showers, entertainment, fine cuisine and champagne

Revamping airline loyalty schemes

Come fly with me again

Airline loyalty schemes are not just about free flights anymore, but personalised services and benefits

Making every square inch count

Game plan to make every square inch count

Slick marketing and clever branding may help sell tickets, but if an airline’s cabins aren’t configured efficiently, it can all be for naught