Private space travel could soon be a reality

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launch in July 2014

Launching reusable rockets may be the key to unlock private spaceflight, but it presents a challenge for project managers

5 Airbnb facts you probably didn’t know

Airbnb photo: Treehouse in Belize City

The sharing platform's rapid rise and impact on the traditional hotel industry revealed

Will supersonic travel soon be standard?

partial cut of a fighter aircraft in black and white, military aircraft, aircraft gas turbine engine

Entrepreneurs are plotting the flight path for a revival in supersonic air travel, but engineers must first make the new super jets quieter

Emerging event destinations

emerging events destinations

Break out of your destination comfort zone and tap into the many benefits of organising events in some of the key emerging nations

Colombia’s secret travel path

Colombia’s Pacific coast harbours an unusual attraction for brave travellers: a gruelling journey on a tugboat from Bahía Solano to Buenaventura

Tech platforms revolutionising business travel

There was a time when a well-used eye mask and worn neck pillow identified a business traveller as a seasoned globetrotter – now it’s a smartphone and apps

5 sectors set to benefit from 5G

While people are only just getting to grips with the concept of 5G, never mind agreeing what it will actually mean when it arrives, there are some finger-in-the-air ideas being bandied about by the tech community

Improving security and keeping travellers happy


Biometric solutions to processing the growing number of international air travellers, ensuring secure identity management and improving customer experience, are at the heart of Vision-Box