Digital transformation in five simple steps

man with laptop under stars. Contemplating digital transformation

In today’s world, businesses must go digital or die, and knowing how to go about it is crucial

Want to know how much colleagues are paid?

Staff sat at round table aerial view

Whether or not individuals’ pay should be made public is a matter of controversy. Here are the arguments for and against

Managing cultural change engages staff and boosts morale

Company culture is a cornerstone of business success as staff sign up to an agreed way of working, improving employee wellbeing and the bottom line, but change must be carefully managed

Sweatshops show need for transparency

Controversy over child labour in Asian sweatshops producing cheap clothing for the UK market has highlighted the need for greater control over supply chains, writes Jim McClelland

Prepare to limit cyber damage

Significant business risks reside in cyberspace and the threat to valuable data from organised hackers, writes Tom Brewster

Playing it by the book

An effortless experience will retain loyalty rather than thrills and frills, as Joshi Herrmann reports