The new normal in forex trading

The year 2018 looks set to be the ninth consecutive year of global economic expansion, with many saying the world has at last moved past the long shadow cast by the global economic crisis

Traditional brokers face fight as fintech disruptors move in

trading floor

Rapid innovation and evolving regulations have fuelled the rise of fintech disruptors that threaten to displace traditional brokers with a better user experience and lower fees for traders

Service is king in congested retail trading market

Man in crowded area long exposure

Brokerages must put the client at the heart of the service if they are to survive in an increasingly competitive landscape

The eclipse of the speed traders and a lesson for today’s fintechs

Traders looking at computer screens near a large bank of computers

Great technology wasn’t enough to keep the profits rolling for high frequency traders

Algorithmic trading ushers in new era of market automation

At the stockmarket

Automating the management of money poses difficult challenges which must be overcome by creating trust and transparency

The rise of AI and algorithms in the financial services sector

Artificial intelligence is impacting the financial services sector more than most, with sophisticated algorithmic trading, posing a serious challenge for traders and regulators alike

Managing FX currency risk


With global uncertainty presenting major challenges to corporate treasurers, having the right information available to implement a foreign currency hedging strategy is essential

Being social keeps traders ahead

Social media has become a force for radical change in business practice and behaviour as sharing news, ideas and views online is increasingly forming trading opinion, writes Kevin Rose