Mastering rules, regulations and taxes will pay off

Red tape and taxes could be discouraging, but as Charles Orton-Jones discovers, these are obstacles which can be overcome

Bonanza could fuel future

Large oil and gas reserves could ensure prosperity and South America’s place at the top table of global producers, writes Rob Langston

Balancing global clout and nous

Companies are increasingly tapping into foreign markets and yet they are struggling to export their reputation, writes Kate Hilpern

World tour of beauty trends makes up diverse market

Brands hoping to extend their global reach must recognise the differing “personalities” of regional markets if they are to succeed, writes Susan Harmsworth

Generating jobs and exports

Concerns about costs and fears of a potential skills shortage are combining to create uncertainty around the impact of the offshore wind sector on the UK economy, writes Felicia Jackson

Does wind of change blow fair?

Policymakers and opinion formers in the energy sector agree Europe faces tough choices to meet the challenges of climate change, rising prices at a time of austerity and geopolitical instability. Here five leading supporters of offshore wind power assess prospects

Hello wide world

With the eurozone having left a nasty taste in the mouths of many, Elizabeth Pfeuti investigates what the rest of the world has to offer

Getting government backing

Government support is critical to growing the business events industry on an international stage. But do the current incumbents do enough? Clare Gascoigne investigates