The impact of protectionism on trade

Protectionist policies across the world could present major headwinds for companies operating international supply chains

Brexit and Donald Trump’s protectionist America raise the spectre of higher tariffs and restrictions imposed on international trade

International trade: where human insight is still in demand

A phone vendor beside his stand at Computer Village, a consumer tech market in Lagos; the proliferation of smartphones in emerging markets such as Nigeria is generating massive amounts

As two-way trade takes off between developed and developing markets, the appetite for human-driven business intelligence is growing

UK cloud companies need a China connection

China skyline

UK companies in the cloud sector cannot afford not to be in China, but may need to team up with a local partner to break into the Chinese market

The impact of protectionism on international trade

Supply chain strategies illustration

With economic nationalism pulling the world towards isolationist protectionism, global supply chains may be strained but can sustain international trade

The challenges of supplying personalised meds

Plastic gloves holding yellow pills

Personalised medicines that offer great hope to those suffering serious diseases have the potential to explode traditional pharmaceutical supply chains

10 supply chain disasters

Rio 2016 olympics which suffered from supply chain issues

From a ticketing fiasco and a chickenless Nando’s to Soviet screw-ups and a blockage in the Suez Canal, here are ten supply chain errors and the lessons to be learnt

Is customisation the future of manufacturing?

Technology manufacturers use

Manufacturing is changing fast to customise goods for an increasingly demanding and personalised market

Exporters battling on despite Brexit

Brexit leave campaign screen

Brexit may be among the biggest challenges the UK has faced in modern times, but there are also export opportunities waiting to be seized