Unmanned ships set to sail the seas

Man operating ship remotely

Ships that sail themselves will cost less to operate and use clean energy, but will see the loss of crew jobs

The internet of things is revolutionising deep mining

Mine worker with head torch

Developments enabled by the internet of things are saving lives in high-risk industries such as mining

8 ways wifi enables the internet of everything

Long the networking technology of choice, wi-fi will be a key enabler of the “internet of everything”, says Kelly Davis-Felner, vice president of marketing for Wi-Fi Alliance

Forward to the future

Future gazing in the mobile technology sector is no longer the stuff of science fiction and there’s big money at stake for those who predict the shape of things to come, as David Robertson reports

A question of driving big data

Mike Brockman, chief executive of insurethebox, tells Sean Kelly how telematics is transforming the motor insurance industry

Cities need smart thinking

Many see a smart city as one where a network of sensors brings together data to be analysed for the more effective management of its systems. Yet this alone will not solve a city’s problems of finance, sustainability and the protection of its citizen’s health, security and wellbeing, writes Felicia Jackson