Tackling public concerns about 5G health risks

While no proven health risks have been linked to the introduction of 5G technology, the industry must deal with public concerns openly and transparently

Digitally transforming a whole economy

Men in India with their smart phones

The potential of a digital economy in India, the planet’s second most populous nation, is enormous with benefits for business and citizens alike

Top 5 sectors for M&A in 2015

Mergers and acquisitions are breaking records worldwide, but four sectors – financial services, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and computer manufacturing – are blazing a trail

The other mobile revolution

The mobility revolution is visibly transforming our lives and our jobs, says Marcus Jewell, VP of EMEA at Brocade

Legal world of internet of things

A world where everything intelligently connects via mobile networks is no longer something in the distant future – it is already here, increasingly influencing almost every facet of industry and the way we manage our lives, says Purvi Parekh, a partner in Olswang LLP and head of the law firm’s international telecom practice

Technology companies lead revival

Tech is the most innovative sector in the UK, says Julian David, director general of technology trade association Intellect

TV Dragon gets apprentices hired

Multi-millionaire entrepreneur Peter Jones tells Liz Lightfoot how he wants to boost business with new-style apprenticeships