When poor marketing is holding you back


A great product means nothing if you’re not reaching the right people, but knowing where to start when marketing a small startup can be a daunting task

Why deal-making keeps getting harder

M&A deal making

Identifying, valuing and integrating targets for mergers and acquisitions is becoming an increasingly complex process for finance leaders

Five phishing scams your business needs to know about

1 Phishing

Verizon's 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report found C-level executives are 12 times more likely to be targeted by phishing scams than in previous years, with phishing involved in 33 per cent of data breaches last year. Here are five common phishing scams to guard against

Why fintechs are missing out by ignoring older generations

Man sitting on couch using tablet

Older people are turning to financial technology, so why aren’t fintechs targeting consumers aged over 45 and is their focus on the millennial market holding the sector back?

High-tech future of marketing

Advances in technology have made mobile marketing a powerful tool which simply cannot be ignored, as Edwin Smith reports

Don’t spoil your prospects

Companies need to tread a careful path through public sensitivity around the analysis and use of consumer data, warns James Dean

Companies coming together

Like-minded businesses are coming together to offer wider benefits in combined customer loyalty schemes which also scale up rich consumer data, writes James Dean

The four pillars

Marketers need to leverage technology and draw on data to engage with customers through carefully targeted campaigns, says marketing loyalty guru David Rosen