Smashing through glass ceiling?

Despite significant progress, career prospects for women remain blocked by a number of barriers, writes Niki Chesworth

Women are good for business

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Flexible female approach

Some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs are women. Kate Bassett asks what is the secret of their success?

Nurturing ambition to bring out the best in women

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Girl power in the world of money

Carol Bagnald, HSBC regional commercial director, London, assesses the value of women to the UK economy

Liberation in the wake of revolution

Sara Bahamdan is blazing a trail as a businesswoman in Saudi Arabia. She tells of her hope for the future involvement of more Arab women in business and public life

Apprenticeships make a comeback

Once seen as a last resort for youngsters not cut out for formal education, apprenticeships are now sought after and valued by employers, as Azadeh Khalilizadeh reports

From fish and chips to ring mains

There are advantages in training apprentices in the particular style and ethos of a company, writes Janet Murray who examines a range of schemes