Could an algorithm find you the perfect candidate?

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Sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools are helping businesses remove bias and improve talent acquisition, but there are limitations to its success

Manufacturing talent: what can you do to bridge the gap?

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As the engineering and manufacturing sectors continually evolve, filling the gaps in talent created by technological change remains a constant battle

Ignoring diversity will cut you off from new talent

Recruiting and developing employees who fit neatly into a pre-defined culture can create a one-dimensional workforce, and this attitude needs to change for businesses to be truly inclusive

Why human resources needs an image makeover

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Human resources may be a pivotal part of a successful organisation, but it struggles with a poor image which could be turning away talented would-be recruits

No jobs for life

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If a job for life no longer exists, employers and employees need to strike a meaningful and mutually beneficial deal or alliance

Striving for new global standard in sourcing

Striving for new global standard in sourcing

A corporate accreditation scheme is a journey towards sourcing excellence – for buyers and providers

Successful projects start with top talent

Effective talent management to recruit, retain and nurture project professions is the key to unlocking success

Spotting the high-flyers

Raymond Snoddy asks five executives for their top tips in talent management