The future of farming: robots, bees and plant jacuzzis

The future of food production lies in our ability to exploit every resource at our disposal, from bots to bees

Four technology trends transforming packaging

packaging technology

Exciting tech innovations, focusing on marketing, labelling and prolonging shelf life, as well as protecting the environment, are transforming the future of packaging

The need to power datacentres sustainably

When it comes to the cloud, green is not yet the new black; for data, however, bigger is definitely the new big

10 tech solutions to tap the world’s water supply

Low water washing machine

Imaginative solutions from frugal innovations, doing more with less, to those relying on replicating nature or biomimicry, can help boost the Earth’s scarce freshwater resources

Formula E is coming home

Choosing London as the race finale was the dream, but it needed a team who make dreams come true

Sustainable building is beautiful

Green buildings bring nature into urban spaces and have significant advantages in terms of energy-saving insulation, water management and combatting pollution

Solving the energy trilemma

By encouraging the efficient use of costly carbon fuels, machine-to-machine technology would not only cut bills, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as Jessica Twentyman reports