Why we need to reimagine plastic recycling in the UK

Recycling may conjure up images of a clean, green, modern-thinking industry, but in many ways it is stuck in the past, especially when it comes to PET plastic

Four technology trends transforming packaging

packaging technology

Exciting tech innovations, focusing on marketing, labelling and prolonging shelf life, as well as protecting the environment, are transforming the future of packaging

Why we need to invest in the right plastics

man with single-use plastic bag

With both public awareness of plastic pollution and our reliance on this versatile resource at an all-time high, it’s time to get clear on plastic

A renaissance for simpler packaging

simpler packaging graphic

In the quest for an environmentally-friendly circular economy, what goes around comes around

The long, hard road to sustainable packaging

sustainable stripey paper straws

As more brands pledge to go green, what is the impact of using environmentally-friendly packaging on all links in the supply chain?

Five brands boosting creative packaging design

packaging design brown cardboard box

From materials to marketing, innovative packaging designs are helping to launch impactful new brands

Pioneering sustainable packaging in the food sector

Consumers have become more attuned to sustainability, prompting restaurants and shops to launch initiatives to reduce single-use plastics in packaging

Ocean plastic is just the beginning

As oceans drown in plastic and the developed world launches a clean-up campaign, the tide of pollution is still rising