Sugar sins: things must change to save kids’ teeth

‘There is no doubt that sugar is the villain posing the biggest threat to the health of children across the country’

The evolution of blood glucose monitors

A wide range of monitors to test blood glucose levels and unequal access results in sometimes uncertain self-management

Uncertain times for the UK sugar industry

The UK’s sugar industry faces an uncertain few years as the country extricates itself from the EU, which has supported it against the vagaries of the international market, highlighting the complexities of Britain’s future trade agreements

Sweet success in bid to cut sugary drinks

Major manufacturers are reducing the amount of sugar in soft drinks ahead of the government’s sugar tax, although sticky problems remain

Sugar rush: Mexico’s unhealthy addiction to soft drinks

Mexico’s addiction to sugary drinks and fast food has led to a public health crisis, prompting the government to take action against the companies and products that feed the nation’s cravings