Burberry: a lesson on leadership and succession

Burberry CCO Christopher Bailey

Recent difficulties at luxury fashion brand Burberry illustrate the vital importance of leadership roles and the need for a smooth succession of power

How to pass the business baton

Passing on a family business to the next generation is far from straightforward and should be handled with great care or the consequences could be ruinous

Inheriting plan for secure future

Informed and timely planning can ensure the best outcome when family wealth is passed on to the next generation, as Will Sidery discovers

Passing control to a new generation

Professor Randel S. Carlock, Berghmans Lhoist chaired professor in entrepreneurial leadership at Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise, discusses the values of stewardship and continuity of ownership

Profit for a purpose and not greed

Many “next gens” are thinking beyond the bottom line and want to ensure that their businesses make the world a better place, as well as making money, writes Jeremy Hazlehurst