Heart mission: tackling causes and finding cures

We’ve made tremendous progress in transforming the lives of people living with heart and circulatory diseases

Call for a new national stroke standard of care

Understanding stroke illustration

Stroke treatment in the UK is a postcode lottery, despite the development of groundbreaking new therapies

The NHS is failing stroke patients and society

Campaigners are pressuring the Department of Health for a national standard for stroke care

Stroke Association chief executive Juliet Bouverie warns of a crisis in the treatment and care of stroke patients

Stroke symptoms go unnoticed in young adults

Strokes in young adults rising

Stroke doesn’t only strike old people and is on the rise among the young as lifestyles become increasingly sedentary

Leaving hospital is ‘like falling off a cliff’ for stroke survivors

Stoke sufferers leaving hospital

Despite advances in treatments, stroke survivors can feel let down and abandoned after they are discharged from hospital

Gaming tech improving at-home stroke rehab

Stroke survivors face a postcode lottery when it comes to rehabilitation services, but a version of gaming technology may provide the answer to improving at-home therapy

Tips for effective stroke prevention

Being aware of the risk factors and taking preventative measures can greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of stroke

Lethal deficiencies in UK stroke prevention services

The UK lags behind other developed nations in the league table of stroke treatment and, despite some notable achievements, there remains much to do