Is the streaming bubble set to burst?

Streaming bubble to burst

New players in the over-the-top streaming battle are entering the fray, but with very little differentiating them, the market is in need of further disruption

How video games are pushing the boundaries of IP law

man playing video games

Video games are a fast-moving medium, so much so that they’re outpacing some aspects of copyright law

The rise of live video streaming

Person using phone to record in a crowd

Streaming live video on social media can reach big audiences, and is being used increasingly by citizens, politicians and marketers alike

Will online streaming kill off traditional broadcasters?

Netflix series The Crown cost a reported $10 million an episode to make

Internet TV is beaming big-budget programming into UK homes as some viewers switch off from traditional broadcasters

Music, movies and theatre via the stream

Where next for media streaming

It is easier than ever to deliver digital content via the cloud, livening up how we get music, movies and theatre

What does M2M mean for the future?

The internet of things and machine-to-machine communication are set to revolutionise our day-to-day lives. Stephen Armstrong explores how and asks will it be for the better?