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Businesses are tapping into the expertise of their supplier network to bring new products to market faster and streamline their processes

A letter to the board from the chief procurement officer

Chief procurement officers are more than just cost-cutters, and can add substantial value if given the right talent and resources

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Procurement has traditionally lagged behind when it comes to technology, but does artificial intelligence offer an opportunity for things to change?

Chief procurement officer: the dream job you’ve never heard of

people sewing in factory, wearing face masks

The role of chief procurement officer is unknown to many outside the profession, but it’s a job with growing importance and appeal

What does the future supply chain look like?

Gerry Walsh, chief exec Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has recently launched The Future of Supply Management, a white paper produced in conjunction with the University of Liverpool and Aston University, Birmingham. This significant piece of academic research explores what the future holds for the procurement and supply profession

Big data tells fortunes

Forget guesstimates, analytics software can crunch big data to improve supply chain efficiency, as Lindsay Clark reports