Mastering storytelling with authenticity

Authenticity and storytelling

Cutting through the noise requires creativity and authenticity if brands hope to engage with customers in a meaningful way

How sales organisations should deal with the tech revolution

‘If an organisation wants its salespeople to be the best they can be, for longer, it needs to take an active role in their development’

Storytelling is at the heart of entertainment

A successful attraction will draw on artistic inspiration and technical expertise to tell a story which makes the audience feel part of the action

Storytelling, theming and immersion

Attractions use themed storytelling to immerse guests in an experience says Karen Stanley, Senior VP EMEA of International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions

Telling the story behind data

Once upon a time, market research was about delivering thousands of pages of analysis – now the emphasis is on actionable insights which speak to all departments of an organisation

Effective leaders inspire with stories

Leaders who can tell the story of an enterprise and communicate how employees working together make a difference will succeed in engaging their staff

The world’s greatest storytellers


Great storytelling is the summation of innumerable qualities and factors, and who we laud as the greatest of them all is more a question of diversity than of consensus, as Raconteur discovered in a survey of authors, journalists, professionals and students