When politics and leadership collide

CEO politics and business

The old adage, 'a principle is not a principle until it costs you something’, has never been more relevant. So, what happens when the ‘right’ decision hits the bottom line or impacts a business? It’s a question CEOs are increasingly having to answer

Pushing treasury up food chain

corporate treasury

Changing financial conditions have called for a change in role for corporate treasurers who are increasingly becoming more involved with different parts of the business, as Christian Doherty reports

Troubleshooting transformation

Ian Winham, chief financial and chief information officer of £78-billion imaging and electronics company Ricoh, talks to Edwin Smith about problems encountered in finance transformation projects – and how to overcome them

World-class asset and safety management

Everyone has by now heard of ISO 55000 as the successor to PAS 55 and many organisations will be eager to become certified

Integrate risk to balance the books

Companies are increasingly being urged to adopt integrated reporting, identifying business risks as well as opportunities, writes Rob Langston