Can ‘non-salespeople’ sell?

From fresh perspectives to a better understanding of customer needs, individuals from unconventional backgrounds could make a big impact on an organisation’s sales function, but not everyone agrees

How sales organisations should deal with the tech revolution

‘If an organisation wants its salespeople to be the best they can be, for longer, it needs to take an active role in their development’

Sales tech won’t work without a digital culture

Unless your business has digital culture at its core, sales technologies will never be used to their full potential

Why you should be focussing on “teamship”

Companies may focus on performancebased individual development for their staff, but agile structures require more teamwork. So why is “teamship” training not a key part of every organisation’s programme?

VR: the new training tool for hazardous work

From training mine workers in evacuation procedures to reducing plant downtime during routine maintenance, new ways of displaying information are becoming powerful asset management tools

Developing digital talent

Future CIO cover illustration

Securing succession in IT leadership with professionals who can take digital technology forward hinges on providing the right training and career path

Devising a strategy to grow top talent

Devising a strategy to grow top talent

An unfamiliar role to some, a chief talent officer may be what your company is looking for to champion staff development

Cost of demoting people power

Damaging cost of demoting people power

People are arguably an organisation’s biggest asset and yet they do not always get the investment in training they need