Why you should be focussing on “teamship”

Companies may focus on performancebased individual development for their staff, but agile structures require more teamwork. So why is “teamship” training not a key part of every organisation’s programme?

VR: the new training tool for hazardous work

From training mine workers in evacuation procedures to reducing plant downtime during routine maintenance, new ways of displaying information are becoming powerful asset management tools

Developing digital talent

Future CIO cover illustration

Securing succession in IT leadership with professionals who can take digital technology forward hinges on providing the right training and career path

Devising a strategy to grow top talent

Devising a strategy to grow top talent

An unfamiliar role to some, a chief talent officer may be what your company is looking for to champion staff development

Cost of demoting people power

Damaging cost of demoting people power

People are arguably an organisation’s biggest asset and yet they do not always get the investment in training they need

Adapting to a new world of work

The modern workplace is changing at a frightening pace. Employers need to face up to shifting demands of workers, changes to how and where people work, employees working later into life and more fluid relationships with staff or contractors

UK global outsourcing hub

The UK’s outsourcing industry is in constant need of further promotion and development, says the National Outsourcing Association

Reward of staff development

Career development and training are valued by employees and employers alike, but may be overlooked, as Clare Bettelley reports