Leaders must keep workers engaged, not just keep them

Whatever the job market, enlightened employers will want to retain top talent and develop their skillsets

‘I liked the people so much, I bought the company’

Mario Queiroz president of Google keynote

Acquiring talent by buying a company has worked for some organisations, but may be a risky strategy

Looking after staff takes care of business


With the battle for talent once again heating up, holding on to staff should be top of the agenda for businesses in 2015, says Unum

Devising a strategy to grow top talent

Devising a strategy to grow top talent

An unfamiliar role to some, a chief talent officer may be what your company is looking for to champion staff development

Bosses don’t bother with talent data

Management using data

Iwona Tokc-Wilde asks why is talent analytics still underused and undervalued?

Healthy staff are good for business

People like working for a caring employer in a healthy environment

Software development talent 3.0: The best of both worlds


The latest offering in the world of software development enables clients to expand their existing capability. You can hire top-quality, highly experienced people at a very low total cost and achieve the productivity you need to enable you to deliver your business requirements

Keeping good staff

Keeping good staff

Data analysis software can aid human resources experts to recruit and retain talented staff, just as gamification of tasks can motivate the workforce, writes Tom Fox-Brewster, but both should be handled with care