Fashion influencers lead the industry

How consumers view and engage with fashion brands is being transformed by high-profile influencers, who are now gracing the red carpets of the most elite events and deepening their commercial ties in the industry

Global brands racing to sponsor Formula E

Formula E electric-powered ePrix racing returns to London’s Battersea Park from July 1 to 3 with a season finale two-race spectacular

Creating two-way traffic with F1 partnership deals

Consumer and business-to-business brands that partner with Formula 1 teams pay big bucks and get different types of bang for their money

How sponsorships really work

Sponsoring a Formula 1 team is much more than getting a logo on the car

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Revving up against Formula 1 legends


The fortunes of F1 on the track may be best illustrated by the story of established racers Williams and newcomers Haas who are taking on the legends of motorsport

How much does an F1 car cost?

F1 car cost

F1 involves huge amounts spent on securing a position on the winner’s podium. But how much does an F1 car actually cost, and how are racing teams funding themselves to take pole position?

20 brands that defined F1

Bitten & Hisses F1 sponsors

Since 1968, when commercial sponsorship was given the green light in Formula 1, brands have paid seemingly huge sums to emblazon their product logos on cars. Caroline Reid reports