Bitcoin v bolivar: can cryptos save Venezuela?

Venezuela cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are providing a lifeline to many people in the troubled Latin American country of Venezuela, but critics say the technology is still not inclusive enough

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Panama smart city

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The secret new startup hub

Santiago's Providencia district

Santiago, Chile, has become an unlikely hub for global startups, under a government programme that aims to attract global talent into the country to diversify its economy

Strongman politics persist in the shadow of Operation Condor

A court in Argentina may have convicted former South American dictators for their role in a coordinated assault on freedom of expression, but the continent’s fascination for strongman politics is far from over

Climate change struggle behind Cáceres murder

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Latin giants set to surprise doubters

As the world is gripped by economic crisis, Latin America could be a long-term haven for investors who can benefit from favourable exchange rates, writes Joe McGrath