10 trends in the internet of things

From in-vivo sensors to the rise of China, Charles Orton-Jones spots ten trends and applications making the internet of things (IoT) arguably the world’s most exciting technology

UK’s position in the digital economy

The digital economy, spawned by the internet and the electronic technology accompanying it, is increasingly important to the UK, writes Edwin Smith

Forecast is good with new cloud

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Tablets, not just pills, aid recovery

Smartphones, tablets and games consoles are being used to harness technology for stroke recovery at home, writes Murad Ahmed

Fraud is on the move

Shopping by smartphone, tablet and phablet is boosting sales, but mobile transactions are open to fraud, warns Accertify

Getting off the ground

Raymond Snoddy talks to two executives – one from a start-up, the other from big business – to discover how going mobile is boosting sales and customer satisfaction

Seeing through the buzzwords

Don’t be baffled by acronyms and technical terms – David Robertson puts mobile technology into plain language

Tech beating phone churn

Network providers and mobile phone companies are developing technology which is encouraging users not to switch, writes Nic Fildes