Seeing things through the eyes of consumers

Vox pops recorded by consumers have become a quick and costeffective way for researchers to gather public opinion

Mobile technology and fly-on-the-wall digital video research are proving to be a breakthrough in understanding the behaviour of previously difficult-to-reach consumers

Would you hand over your phone to enter the US?

Apple Supporters Protest In Front Of FBI Headquarters In Washington DC

Soon foreign visitors entering the US may have to hand over their smartphone and share social media passwords with border officials. Oliver Pickup investigates the privacy and human rights implications of this new proposed policy

Smartphone addiction in 5 charts

People addicted to their phones

The following charts prove the UK is a nation addicted to smartphones...

How “synths” and smartphones will affect our lives

What effect does technology and how it is portrayed in films and on TV have on the way we think and react to tech innovations?

The end of cash?

The end of cash

It is a milestone year for the payments industry as customers seek greater flexibility over how they spend their money and various forms of payment compete for supremacy

It’s a controlled mobile explosion

Mobile payment

Mobile payments are expected to gain popularity this year, yet the move to paying with a mobile device is likely to take some time to really catch on

It’s mobile, not holograms


Cutting-edge technology such as holograms and augmented reality are on the fringe of mainstream events, but have yet to make a major breakthrough as organisers prefer to go mobile

Biometrics gets to work as public fears subside

Biometrics is being put to work as public fears subside

After a relatively slow start, practical applications of biometrics are growing in popularity as take-up in the private and public sectors gathers pace in parts of the UK