The undeniable link between sleep and mental health

Multiple studies have illustrated the correlation between sleeplessness and poor mental health

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a benign condition that is simply explained by sleep science, but it can be terrifying and unsettling for those that experience it regularly

What is the right sleep aid for you?

Public understanding of the health benefits of sleep, and the negative impact of a lack of it, has driven an explosion in the sleep aids market. But choosing the right solution is getting trickier

Does who you are impact how well you sleep?

As with many things in life, your quality of sleep is affected by the situation in which you are born. So how can race, gender or income group have such an effect on the way we sleep and how much we get?

Do early risers really make better workers?

The stereotypes of lazy "night owls" and highly-productive "larks" is still prevalent across the business world, but switching to working patterns in line with chronotype could unlock significant economic gains

Is your smartphone harming your sleep?

Now we know the dangers of excessive screen time, does the responsibility of protecting against blue light lie with device manufacturers or individuals themselves?

Six lifestyle factors affecting fertility

People trying for a baby often make lifestyle modifications to increase their natural fertility and treatment efficacy. And while the impact of things such as stress and obesity are well understood, there are some lesser-known factors that people may not know about

Do you have social jet lag?

Social jet lag

Shaking up your sleep pattern at the weekend could have consequences on your long-term health, a new study finds