What employee ownership could do for your business

Companies owned by their employees may have important lessons for human resources leaders to learn

Perfecting the juggling act of long-term strategy

With chief executives increasingly tasked with meeting both long-term and short-term shareholder demands, how do the best leaders keep a balance?

CEOs struggle to balance shareholder returns and growth

CEO struggling in meeting

Company bosses may be increasingly under pressure from shareholders pursuing short-term dividends rather than longer-term growth

The shareholders keeping F1’s wheels turning

For good reason, Formula 1 is often seen as more of a business than a sport – with big money at stake

Know your bank to trust your bank

During the last decade, most corporate treasurers have reversed direction from consolidation to duplication of their bank relationships as trust in banks collapsed due to the financial crisis. Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Services Club, chief executive of Balatro and author of Digital Bank, asks is this a reversible trend or one that will continue?

Banking on lessons from Libor

Professor Chris Bones, of Manchester Business School, discusses the role of directors in ensuring good governance and upholding a brand’s reputation