Energy-as-a-service will transform the sector

Providers, under pressure from new industry entrants, could look to move into the as-a-service market to diversify their offering

How car-sharing services transformed manufacturing

Servitisation and the sharing economy are shaping the future of the car industry as easy access looks more attractive than ownership

Waiting for pay day from servitisation

With a significant chunk of manufacturers yet to derive any value from servitisation, what is holding them back from realising its potential?

Achieving a circular economy

As one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management companies, SITA UK has a large role to play in the UK’s journey towards a “circular economy”, where all discarded resources are collected, processed and returned back to the manufacturing process, so that the cycle can start again

Companies made to serve

Economic constraints and the need for constant reliability have created a new industry within manufacturing – servitisation. Professor Tim Baines of Aston Business School explains

Bringing production and service together

The servitisation of manufacturing, when companies supply services as well as products, provides firms with more revenue streams and a hedge against a downturn, writes Professor Tim Baines