HR tech: should you go sector giant or niche challenger?

office building at night with purple and blue windows

Holistic solutions from the tech giants now have to compete with smaller, niche providers, with barriers to entry in the HR software market lower than ever

Energy-as-a-service will transform the sector

Providers, under pressure from new industry entrants, could look to move into the as-a-service market to diversify their offering

How to maximise revenue and loyalty

The payments industry has arguably never had better incentives to find more convenient ways for consumers to pay for goods and services, writes Miya Knights

Payments out of Africa…

The mobile banking revolution in Africa offers a blueprint for service providers to empower the more than one billion people in other emerging markets, who have cell phones but no bank accounts, as Nic Fildes reports

Bringing production and service together

The servitisation of manufacturing, when companies supply services as well as products, provides firms with more revenue streams and a hedge against a downturn, writes Professor Tim Baines